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Gary Kess (owner) of Ben Franklin Northfield, MN quotes me 2 days on a project and it took 30! He price gouged me and lied the whole way.

A year later when the subpump didn't work and I called him he told me "thats what home insurance is for". I think he's an *** and shouldn't ahve a business to steal money from people.

And now, hes calling me to ask me to stop telling people in town and my friends to not use him.

I beleive the first amendment gives me the right to speak what I want.

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Had BF replace the hardware and plumbing in my shower. Both the hot and the cold handles now leak water.

Time to see if they honor their "2 year guaranty" or if I have the same experience others have had.

Either way, BOTH handles leaking water? Quality work BF!


Why does BFP need an organization like U-win if they are reasonable and have good service? There are lots of complaints against this company. Wow!


There are always two sides to every story. I am sorry that you feel you had a bad experience.


I think it is quite funny to have an outside company handle problems. Does this mean that the franchise that did the work, can not handle customer satisfaction. This is one more expense to pass on to the homeowner.

Another thing that is funny, is when these franchises say, locally owned. Yes they own the franchise, but they still have people that own them. Otherwise, they would not have to pay a certain percentage and monthly fees to another company.

You need to call Ben Franklin plumbing what it is, Scam artists.


It's very disappointing to hear you weren't happy with the work you had done on your plumbing system. It's our goal to satisfy every customer. Actually it's more than a goal; your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Did you know a consumer protection organization called U-Win endorses all Ben Franklin Plumbing operations? Ben Franklin Plumbing willingly aligns with this organization so that customers have an impartial mediator in the rare case of a dispute.

If you feel you were misled or a guarantee was not upheld, you can contact U-Win at Share your story and someone will communicate your concern directly to the shop on your behalf and help mediate a resolution.

We take great pride in our professionalism and high level of service. We hope to earn your business again so we can prove you made the right choice the first time with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

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