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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing sent me a plumber to fix a clogged sink drain line. I signed an agreement for him to clean out the sink drain line. He used a powered plumber's snake to clean out the line but the snake broke broke leaving 20' of cable in my drain pipe. The plumber was willing to take my money and leave the snake in the pipe, but I considered leaving the snake in the pipe to be a bad idea. I have a pier and beam house, so we went under the house and looked at the situation. There was no easy way to take the drain pipe apart to get the snake out. He claimed that the pipe looked damaged, and must have broken the snake. He claimed that there was no way to get the snake out except to cut the iron pipe. I asked him to cut the pipe, get the snake out and check out the condition of the pilot before deciding to replace the pipe. The plumber claimed the pipe had to be damaged and got me to sign an agreement authorizing him to replace the pipe. (A big mistake.) Taking down a 10' length of 2 1/2" PVC and two rubber couplers, he went under the house and remained for a very long time, so I went under to find out what was going on. The plumber had already cut out the pipe, which was NOT damaged, and replaced it with the PVC. He claimed that the pipe was clogged with grease, however my examination of the pipe indicated that he had broken through the clog and the pipe was open. The sink drain pipe that had been clogged went to a 3" cast iron fitting that went down 45 degrees to a tee which apparently part of the main line for the house. Apparently the snake broke when it entered the tee. There was a lot of rust on the floor where the powered snake had been operating and I think that the snake was weak.

Regardless of whether the plumber broke the snake because of carelessness or because his equipment was deficient or intentionally, I was left stuck with a problem that was his fault, and he wanted nearly 4 times the original quote to fix the problem. I felt sorry for him and I offered to pay him for replacing the pipe, but not cleaning the old pipe. He accepted the offer, which was still about 2.5 times the original quote.

In thinking about it, I realized that I still thought I had been had. I don't think that I should have to pay to fix an error caused by a service technician's incompetence. Further, a few minutes research showed that a retreval tip, that Ridgid makes especially to auger into a broken cable and retrieve it, would have probably solved the problem without even having to go beneath the house. I would think that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing would have the resources to keep one of these in every truck. Of course, it would not have allowed the service tech to run the price up.

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I'm not allowed to post a link here, but I Googled "plumbers," with my locality, and got a website with contact info. of people who immediately called me back and answered all of my questions.

All were amazed at how much BF had charged (some laughed out loud at me). I was so ashamed that I had already allowed BF to bilk me. Any of these independent plumbers were ten times more worthy of my business.

The BF receptionists are trained not to answer questions up front about cost. Next time...


i needed a simple job done so i called benjimin franklin (siny), what a HUGE mistake. I needed a meter replaced along with a 3ft piece of 3/4 " copper pipe.

he was 4 weeks later than he told me he was going to do the job. the 4 weeks i can live with but then he charged me 900 for a 600 dollar job,even that i can live with. But when he left, one of the joints were leaking. So i called him to fix it he said he will be ther in a few days, never came.

i called once a week for him to come back for about a month and he never came back.that pissed me off. i dont recommend them at all



It's disappointing to hear you weren't happy with the work you had done on your water heater. It's our goal to satisfy every customer. Actually it's more than a goal; your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Did you know a third party consumer protection organization called U-Win endorses all Benjamin Franklin operations? Benjamin Franklin willingly aligns with this organization so that customers have an impartial mediator in the rare case of a dispute.

If you feel you were misled or a guarantee was not upheld, you can contact U-Win at 877355uwin.com. Share your story and if they see fit someone will communicate your concern directly to the shop on your behalf and help mediate a resolution.

We take great pride in our professionalism and high level of service. We hope to earn your business again so we can prove you made the right choice with Benjamin Franklin.


Most plumbing companies are worse that the mob, nothing but common thieves charging outrageous rates for substandard work. Plumbing companies should be regulated by the government to protect the public from their mafia tactics.


Dave, Here on the west coast we have a shyster 'Benjamin Franklin Plumbing' only they call themselves 'Mike Diamond Plumbing'. Mike Diamond Plumbing did EXACTLY the same to me, except I didn't sign anything prior to the work. The plumber CUT his cable allowing it to release into the pipe when he couldn't pull it out, and told me AFTER being paid in full what he had done, then handed me a 'discounted' estimate for removal of HIS cable for $2995.50. I'm currently waiting on a call from the manager. Oh, and, as for the comment about 'bad pipes' causing the problems, not always so--it was old equipment, in my case, as in yours.

Thank you for posting your situation, it helped me to better understand the shyster-ness of Mike Diamond Plumbing and fueled my anger which has better prepared me for the inevitable legal battle.

Thank you for your post; I


Good pipe doesnt break cable. Bad or off set pipe does.

There must have been somthing wrong with the drain line if even older or weak cable broke. You don't clean alot of drains do you?!



You seem to know a lot about plumbing maybe you should go into the business. Oh wait you are a union plumber. So why did you call out Ben Franklin Plumbing?

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