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ben franklin plumbing margate / pleasantville nj.i had a leaky toilet i wanted to have fixed, they wanted to look at my water heater and everything else non related in attempt to sell more services that i did not need, they tried to sell me a service contract that had no value to me after much discussion with the tech, i found out they make commission on service contacts and up-selling services to customers.

after the 15 minutes of wasted time, i finaly got the tech to give me a price on repairing the toilet 369.00!! outrageous! i declined the repair and he tried to charge me 49.00 for the estimate.

i had another plumber repair the problem without the sales tactics for 189.00.i would not reccomend ben franklin plumbing at all.

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Sorry, BF responded quickly to my call, (next day) and completed the clearing of my main drain line.The price was outrageous!

$198 to clear the line and another $59 for travel time and the service call. Five days later the drain was clogged again! They did not give a warranty on this service due to the condition of the line, I understand that, but 5 days? I am having another company do my work from this time on.

BF does not get my recommendation.Rather, don't call them.


take the scammers and toss em in a wood chipper...hire local well established plumbers who have a great references and chamber of commerce ny BF has bad name cause of their are sub standard hiring practices.


I received a coupon in the mail outlining some of their promotions.I needed a basic project (less than 1 hour) completed.

They would not give me a basic estimate over the phone, only telling me that someone would come out directly to my home to give me a QUOTE. I agreed and the person who came out told me the cost to fix the repair was around $450.00. When I told him that I was not willing to pay that amount, he asked me what price I was willing to pay. I told him I would pay $250.00 being that I already had the parts and he told me it would take him less than one hour to complete.

He called his manager who was not willing to accept my offer....fine. He then proceeded to TELL me that I owed him $89.00 for the SERVICE CALL he had provided. All he did was stand in my kitchen for less than 5 minutes and give me a quote on the same repair I explained to the person the day before on the phone. When I told him that I was not informed of the cost associated with him quoting the service, he told me that my phone conversation was recorded and could be used against me.

I thought to myself, this is absolutely unbelievable what I am hearing. I again told him that I was not willing to pay him $89.00 for his quoting of my problem which he didn't even take time to look at.

All that said, it was a terrible experience and I will let everyone I know not to allow BF into their house.I am just glad my wife was not home alone, she might have felt threatened and just paid the $89.00 to get him to leave.


It's a catch 22 for plumbing contractors because if you go to a home and do a repair and not do a plumbing inspection, then you are to blame a few months down the road for NOT finding the repair the last time you were out at someone's house.Moreover, why WOULDN'T you want a free plumbing inspection?

You are given the option to repair or replace items that are found, so you are at least informed and you can make a choice at that point. The benefit of doing plumbing inspections as part of your a repair visit is so that a company can have a written record of what was found to be deficient for the inevitable call a few months down the road when the customer calls you back and rips you a new one because you didn't do an inspection. Why WOULDN'T you want to replace your anode rod every few years and extend the life of your water heater?

Why WOULDN'T you want to be informed of a leaky pipe or a slow drain BEFORE it causes you major grief inside your home.

Sorry, most of the comments here sound like sour grapes.You get what you pay for and BF is the gold standard in plumbing in the USA.

to Up With BF Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #603009

its not the plumbers who are the problem if u look at every complaint its due to the front office with pricing they force plumbers to sell more to u


If you haven't noticed, but in different states they have "prerequisite" for being an "Apprentice, Journeyman, Foreman, Liscensed Plumber".I have been working for a liscensed plumber in NJ for 6 years now.

I AM his apprentice; he is NOT unionized. There for, I will be an apprentice forever until I either get my Liscense or join a Plumbing Union. NOW, I went on a job AFTER BF was there. They fixed, properly, a steam pipe in the basement for $950.00.

It would take about an hour or so to fix it with a small amount of material,(nipples, unions, 90's). For $950.00, my boss could have left me there for a WEEK!!! I would be thrilled to get that much money on such a remedial job, but i would feel guilty, probably because I have a conscience. IF you do have a problem with the work being done, you have every right to challenge the management, but just because you had a wrker whom may be an Apprentice doens't mean anything.

I know unliscensed plumbers, whom are not unionized, who know more than liscensed plumbers!!! explain that.........ohh thats right, they're just an apprentice, quote un quote.

People, always ask for a quote, they are SUPPOSED to be free, and if you don't like that price, find another one."Shop" around, and soon enough you will find a reputable mechanic who can fix and charge the right prices for all your problems.


First, dont think that just because you hire a large company that you are getting a liscensed plumber in your home.If your state requires a journeyman or master plumber on the job do not settle for an apprentice.

Ask to see their card. I have worked for a company that will soon be BF and they overcharge so that they can cover coupons specials and senior discounts.

Yes they make commissions and will try to sell you things you dont need because the more they get for a job the better they look to the company.We were told to come down on the price or call the office before losing the sale.


All I can say with my experience is DO NOT USE BF of Chester County Pennsylvania.They were rip offs when they were a locally owned company.

Then they sold out to the suits. WOW...what a hike in prices. They came to fix one problem only to ask if they could look at everything else. I said politely no, and he persisted there were probably more problems.

He told me the average home has more than 400 dollars in repairs at one time. And my repair was 250 so he wanted to look around. Is this a joke? Its like going to a clothing store and they want to sell me socks, when I dont need them.

I would suggest supporting someone who does not have to pay out fees to someone who does not care about the little homeowner.They just care about the franchise fees they get every month.


You get what you pay for people! Im sorry but I think Id rather pay extra money to have an expereinced, trustworthy and drugfree person in my house and do the job right the first time, instead of all the other plumbers I had that would tell me one price and at the end of the job cost me triple of what they originally told me! So from personal expereince I would recommend Ben Franklin Plumbing to anyone that needs a plumber!1


you probably wanted to have the plumber show you how to do it,so you can fix it wasted this guys time and your mad....get a life....had very good experiences with ben franklin.not the cheapest but they know thier stuff, you unfortunately dont...

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