Had a basement drain backup with "dirty" water. Called them as emergency after hours (a Thursday night).

The plumber who responded was glad to hear there were outside clean-outs between the house & the septic tank. He snaked out the line, collected a hefty check and left. Less than 36 hours later, Saturday morning, when the cleanup crew was in the basement taking out contaminated drywall, flooring, etc. they called to my attention the drain was backing up.

I called Benjamin Franklin. They informed me it was not warrantied because there was a "low spot" in the pipe and wipes had caused the clog. But they could put me on the schedule; for which I would have to pay a service call fee as well as for whatever work they might have to do. They reiterated that their work was not warrantied.

We had to drive into town, rent a snake, spend an hour snaking the pipe out at the clean-outs outside as well as FROM THE DRAIN INSIDE TO THE OUTSIDE CLEAN-OUT. This part the plumber did not bother to do, nor check to see if the drain from the inside was running freely. In a nutshell, the plumber did not finish the job he was contracted to do. On Monday I called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to tell them I stopped payment on the check and if they had questions to call me.

I heard nothing back until today when I received a call from a collection agency concerning non payment.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing had made no effort, nothing, not a call, not a letter, to attempt to resolve the issue. Not a very good way to do business and *** poor customer service.

Attached is a picture of my "cleared" drain after the first load of laundry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Plumbing Service.

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