We made an appointment to have Ben Franklin Plumbing come to our home to look at a faucet that was not working correctly. For the $99.00 service fee the tech drove 2 miles to our house, spent 1 minute diagnosing the problem, another 2 minutes giving us the "estimate" for the repair.

It took him about 10 minutes to fix the problem. All for a whopping $ 320.00! What they fail to explain is that they charge the service fee just to show up at your door. Once you've paid that much just to get him there it's rather hard to send them away without doing the repair.

Also, they price from a menu of services. (if it is a, b, or c it costs $200, if it's d, e, or f it costs $400 etc.). This place is a gigantic ripoff.

Please, please, please don't call these people! Never again and I told them that when they made their follow up " customer courtesy call".

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You actually don't have to pay them if you don't agree to the estimate -- but the tech probably implied the opposite. Gotta' be on your toes, although who is when you have an unexpected household emergency?


If you never signed anything, why did you pay him the $99 to show up? I would have sent him away.

With nothing in writing; all they can do is your word vs theirs in small claims court. And guess what - it's not worth his time to show up to court, he's got other people willing to pay $500 to snake a drain, LOL.

But in the end, you had a problem that you couldn't fix by yourself. So you called a professional. The pro wants $x to do the job, you paid it, and the job is done.

If you don't want to pay what the pro wants, then learn how to fix it yourself. I don't go to the doctor and complain about paying $x to have my kidney stones removed, because I can't do that myself and I hired someone to do it for me.

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