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I used Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and they charged to run unnecessary tests only to make more money (although I told the technician I don't have an income since I'm unemployed) and told him I have a leak under the kitchen cabinets. So, the first think he checked under the kitchen sink and under the dishwasher, then he told me he needs to run a water pressure test to find where is the leak.

he ran a test which took him less than 5 minutes and cost me $90 and came back inside the house to tell me the leak is under the dishwasher which he checked first think when he walked inside my house.

He did not even shut the valve the supplied the dishwasher water to stop leak. So, I had to do it myself.

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So it was the first think, or the second think he checked? haha


They sell cheap junk for fixtures, dont be swindled into buying a 600.00 kitchen faucet that cost them 69.00 because it has a pull out spray and a 5 year warranty. This company of salesmen is a joke if you ask me.

I am a licensed journeyman plumber, but trying to sell a product that is inferior to your box store merchandise and 200 dollars overpricedis for the birds .

Thats why I hand my personal card to them and make more money than I could ever selling thier JUNK. Blow ME BEN!!!!!


whose pic is on the front of a hundred dollar bill?


The one thing I do not get is that Benjamin Franklin found electricity. Wonder why they chose an electrician to use as their logo.

As it says in the title, I was an employee of a company that sold out to this franchise. I did go from a service tech with sales training to a salesman with plumbing experience. Most of these companies pay commision to their technician. Hence the push for sales.

The more you sell the more you make. I could not do that. I lasted a week before I was terminated. I did not want to rip people off.

They CAN tell you the price of the job because they have a printed book that explains what the cost will be by scenerios. Dont let them trap you.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #107884

Ben Franklin sends out salesmen, not plumbers. Do not fall for their *** routine.

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