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Charged me $460 to replace toilet bowl wax ring. Afterwards I called other plumbers for estimate got range of $180-$250.

Tried to get me to rip up floor and replace pipe for over $1800. I was not home my wife was home and guy was obviously trying to get over on us. When I got pissed at his $1800 claim of "guy this is the only way to do this" and said I was on my way home suddenly he could just replace the ring and the flange on the pipe was actually fine.

Told me on phone minimum $59 service charge which will be deducted from final cost of job if we choose to use them. Well it was not deducted it's right on the bill, when I called and complained I was told on this "type of a job" service call charge is not deducted

Review about: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Plumbing Service.

Monetary Loss: $460.

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Greenwich, Connecticut, United States #365640

I had Benjamin Franklin Plumbing out to my home and would not recommend them to another soul as they are too expensive and deceptive. Overcharged as I apparently had a faucet that needed to be caulked and it cost me $150. The tube of silicone would have cost $10 tops.


Unions are screwing this country up, they had a place once, now they are an arm of the democratic party. If you can't survive without bargaining as a group and threatening to strike then you are a weak *** individual


Ben Franklin had us over a barrel by telling us they will be charging us $8500 to replace 50 feet of sewer pipe and we have to do it right away because it had two blockages in it and nothing could get through the pipe. The aren't through yet and it has been three days.

I am not going to pay them and will tell them I won't be paying them and they can go ahead and put a lien on my house and when the house sells they can get their money and they will have to wait twenty or more years to get their money. They can go ahead and have the bill collectors harass me until *** freezes over and I will just keep repeating to them a lien is to be placed on the house and I accept that fact and they will have to wait until the house is sold in more than twenty years for they will not be getting any money from me any sooner than the time the house is sold and I plan on living in the house my entire life. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are crooks who prey on the elderly and they can just wait until I die and the house is sold until they get their money. They are very bad to deal with and I suggest nobody contract with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing anywhere in the entire U.S.

Put these crooks out of business by not using them. They use scab laborers and pay them less than union scale. To all the red necks out there, unions are what gave you your benefits and the collective bargaining process is the best process to get better wages and benefits rather than be at the mercy of a non-union shop that give you whatever they want and can fire you without cause and without union protection. We spent years building our unions and business is trying to get rid of unions.

I say no. Don't let any business get rid of any union and don't patronize any business that doesn't have a union shop.

This is the only way the working stiff can have job protection with better pay and better benefits. When the working man stops patronizing non-union businesses they will go out of business and the working man can then have a better chance of getting a job with a union shop.

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