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I called Ben franklyn plumming with a coupon to clear tolit drain, the coupon reads 79.00 to clear any drain 100% satisfaction, on where does the coupon say additional charges may apply. They charged almost 500.00, 80.00 of that was to vaccume the shower?

if the drain was upluged the shower would have drained its self! I am so upset that I would like to take this ad to small claims court, so no one can advertise and not stand up to their coupons. Consumers should know what they are getting into when they call Benjamin Frank.


Cathy b. pinellas county florida

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I have started my own plumbing company. I have worked for a couple of the large national brands.

I decided i was tired of being caught in the middle. Most of us who have started our own business are the same plumbers you used to get with them. My prices are much lower, if i give a 10% off coupon it does not seem to impress people as much as the large coupons the chains give.

So you still call them and pay higher prices and then complain. Try the little guy if you dont like him move on to a diferent plumber next time.


Look at your invoice for the service call. What does it say they did?

The charges should be itemized as to what they did and the cost for labour, parts, etc. You need to be more specific as to how it got from $79 to $500.

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