I called to have a routine maintenance on my water heater as part the membership I got through albrax with my furnace. He failed my water heater stating that it was too old.

"I know I told him." they wanted $1300 to $2000 to put in a new one, I told him no my plumber would do the whole job for way less. Then he complained about my washer and dryer hoses they are less than two years old but he wanted to charge me $120 to put in new ones I said there new and no. Then he said my faucet was leaking. I said I know it just needs the little rubber piece replaced.

He quoted me $520 for a new faucet, my dad and I fixed it for .54 (less than a one dollar) like I said little rubber o ring.

These people are crooks beware of Benjamin Franklin plumbing. Don't believe a word they say.

Product or Service Mentioned: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Plumbing Service.

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